Bridal showers have been around since the early 1800’s, and while some traditions remain constant, the modern bride has more options than ever before. Typically, the maid of honor and/or bridesmaids throw the shower for the bride-to-be, inviting close family and friends to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. The guest of honor should serve as inspiration for the shower theme, including food, beverage and decorations. 

With 20-30 guests, the Castle Tea Room can easily provide enough space for dining and activities. Whether brunch, lunch, dinner, or even cocktails or tea, having a theme for your food and beverage helps narrow down the seemingly endless possibilities.

In the past, the Castle Tea Room has hosted a number of bridal showers varying from the classic to nontraditional options, for example:

  • Morning crowd? Try serving brunch with mimosas to celebrate.
  • English tea service; Martha provides a great resource for food and favor options.
  • Sweet tooth? Try an array of bite-size desserts.
  • Luncheon or sit-down dinner.
  • Cocktail hour; create a signature cocktail or a few themed drinks.


Working with a small guest list allows for more food options. No matter what option you choose, you can either work a caterer to provide the food and beverage or just bring a few food items yourself.

While food is an important part of the celebration, the gifts can also play a significant role in the traditional bridal shower. Customary gifts for the bride include household or kitchen items to get the new husband and wife off to a proper start in their new lives.

Gift items and activities can be centered around your theme as well. The host(s) can include ideas or examples of themed gifts on the invitations. For example, with an all seasons shower, gifts could include a lemonade pitcher for summer, a throw for winter, and so on. Gifts centered around the bride and groom’s favorite hobby or their honeymoon destination also make for great themes. Check out Beau-Coup.comfor an excellent list of theme ideas.
No matter what the theme, bridal showers are meant to bring friends and family together to “shower” the bride with love and well-wishes before her big day. The Castle Tea Room can provide the perfect intimate setting for this special occasion.


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