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Small Weddings Are Perfect At The Castle!

Planning a wedding is no simple task.  Planning a small wedding for you and your closest friends and family might seem like a simpler option, but it takes careful planning and special attention to give your wedding an atmosphere of intimacy.

After trimming down the guest list, take into consideration important factors like venue, food, and décor. What do you want your ceremony and reception to say about you and your fiancé? Modern, vintage, relaxed, natural or traditional; the options are endless. The Castle Tea Room offers a unique and elegant setting your guests are sure to remember.

Just last month, the Castle hosted a small wedding for about 35 guests. Close friends and family gathered to watch Pam and Tony exchange vows out on the Courtyard in front of the fountain. After the ceremony concluded, the guests were invited inside to enjoy some cocktails, and then dinner was served buffet style in the front room. This kept the other rooms on the first floor open for dining and dancing.

The oak, cherry and pecan rooms were adorned with beautiful shades of yellow, ivory and a touch of gray. The décor connected the three adjoining rooms and gave the bride and groom a chance to dine with their parents at the head table, then mingle with other guests. No seating arrangements were needed, allowing guests to file through the buffet line at their leisure and go back for more drinks and appetizers as they pleased.

Our creative bride Pam crafted all of the decorations and centerpieces herself. Creating your own centerpieces and room décor is a great money-saving option for the savvy bride. This allows you to bring in your own sense of style while adding a personal touch.

The yellow daisies and roses popped on the ivory linens. Accented with lemons stacked in vases and candles wrapped in beeswax, the décor brightened up the room. These beautiful and simple decorations offered just the right amount of color against the Castle’s already stunning interior.’s article Ten Reasons to Have a Small Wedding explains why some brides choose to go with smaller weddings not only for budget reasons, but also to share their special day with those loved ones who know the couple best. A smaller guest list gives you the chance to choose a very unique venue, customize your wedding and eliminate a lot of stress. You can keep your special day carefree and really enjoy yourself. Whichever reason resonates with you, the Castle Tea Room can create a one-of-a-kind intimate setting for your special day.

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Sample setup diagram for a small ceremony <40 followed by a cocktail party for up to 75.


Off Season Weddings at The Castle

While the typical wedding season runs from May to October, many brides are opting to plan their wedding during the “off-season.” Choosing to exchange vows during this time is not as limiting as one may think. In fact, there are quite a few advantages: venues and vendors often have more dates available for booking and lower costs for certain products and services.  In many circumstances the rates for a small off season wedding at the Castle will be at least 50% of high season!!!

Planning a wedding during the months of November, January, February, March and April bring about the chance for the bride and groom to cut back on many aspects of their budget, even down to the flowers you use. Look at certain flowers in season during the winter months like anemones and ranunculus to add a splash of color. If you’re going for a more traditional holiday ceremony, use ivy, holly and poinsettias.

Choose seasonal themes or color schemes and interesting locations to hold both the ceremony and reception. There are also plenty of winter-friendly options to keep the cold at bay, so don’t completely rule out any outdoor options. Having your wedding during the off season gives you more options with dates, locations and cost, as well as more guest availability with the likelihood that your wedding date won’t conflict with many other weddings.

With so many ceremony and reception options to choose from, here are a few that work well here at the Castle:

  • A small intimate ceremony for 30 then appetizers and/or dinner; invite those near and dear to you to share your special day inside the beautiful Castle Tea Room with good food and good company.
  • Sit-down dinner reception for 50, followed by dancing on the Courtyard; looking to have a little bit bigger guest list? 50 guests allow for plenty of room while maintaining that cozy atmosphere.
  • Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres for 75-100 guests; create a few signature cocktails and treat guests to an array of hors d’oeuvres that put a new twist on the staples of traditional holiday meals.

More than a cake.... A Sweets Table!

Whether inside or outside, the Castle Tea Room can offer the perfect elegant setting for a beautiful Winter wedding. The Courtyard provides ample space for those with larger guest lists, while the interior provides a unique setting for smaller groups. There’s no better way to bring your loved ones together this holiday season than to celebrate your nuptials here at the Castle Tea Room!

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 Sample setup diagram for a small ceremony <40 followed by a cocktail party for up to 75.

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