Reminiscences of the Civil War by Major J. N. Roberts

With love and affection,

I dedicate this sketch
To my daughter
Mrs. Isabel Roberts Otis


At the solicitation of my daughter, I am about to undertake to write a sketch of my service in the Union Army during the Civil War, or War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1865.

This sketch will be drawn from my unaided recollection of events which transpired more than sixty years ago, and yet stand before me as clear and distinct as though but, three months rather than three score years intervene.

The statements which I shall make in this sketch will be absolutely true and devoid of exaggeration. As nearly as possible I shall confine my sketch of the movements of the several armies in which my regiment bore a part.

As I am now in my eighty-seventh year and dull of sight, I approach this undertaking with grave doubt as to my ability to transfer to paper in a creditable manner the tragic events which stand so clearly before me.

Since the far off days of which I write, the Great World War has disgraced civilization with its chapter of unspeakable horrors; and I take pride in placing beside that shameful record, that of our Civil War, fought in great measure by self-respecting men to whom honor was dearer than life; men who would have spurned with contempt the thought of destroying their enemies en-mass with poison gas; men with whom women and children were absolutely safe from injury or insult; men who respected and protected the hospital flag, whether on the battle-field or elsewhere, regardless of the army to which that flag belonged.

To a spirit of chivalry which pervaded that war, I probably owe my life.

John N. Roberts
Major 6th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry,
Second Brigade, Second Division
Cavalry Corps, Army Potomac
January, 1925

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